Our Vision

Shine Education is committed to providing the best tutoring assistance to students requiring help in order to develop the capacity, confidence, resilience and self-esteem needed to make their dreams come true.

Our Services

We specialise in private one-to-one home tutoring of:

• English and Maths for primary school aged children (K – Year 6)

• English and Maths for high-school students (Year 7 – Year 12)

• Addressing the needs of students with learning difficulties and special needs in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

Why Shine Education?

• Our programs are curriculum based and individually tailored to your child’s needs

• Our hourly tutoring rates are highly competitive

• There are no sign-up or enrolment fees

• Home tutoring eliminates the need to drop your children off anywhere

• Home tutoring allows children to study from home in a familiar and relaxed atmosphere

• Home tutoring allows you to listen and watch progress if you wish to

• We provide you with progress reports highlighting areas of improvement and areas requiring further work

• We are happy to assist with day-to-day school homework and essays

• We come to your home at mutually convenient time on weekdays as well as weekends

Who can benefit?

• Students who fall below national benchmarks in literacy and numeracy.

• Primary school students who want to excel and are aiming for scholarships to selective high schools.

• High school students aspiring for specific ATAR score to ensure entry to selected University courses.

• Students with learning difficulties and special needs.