Benefits of Tutoring

• Remedial assistance to students who are struggling to “keep up” with mainstream academic expectations (students who fall below national benchmarks in literacy and numeracy),

• Enrichment purposes by academically able students who are seeking to capitalise on their abilities (students who want to excel – selective schools, scholarships etc.),

• Effective remedial intervention for students with unique learning difficulties helping them achieve their learning outcomes.

Our tailored tutoring programs involve

• Diagnostic assessment to design each student’s program

• Setting realistic goals to target student’s needs

• Building on individual student’s strengths and weaknesses

• Building student’s self esteem, confidence and enthusiasm to learn further

Learning Process

• Motivational strategies – reward-based learning, sticker system rewards (for younger students), enthusiasm and praise for good work.

• Transparent monitoring of the learning progress – use of logbooks, running records (to assess a student’s oral reading proficiency), preparation of reports to parents on student’s progress.

• Hands on learning methods – for examples tangible materials, objects, crosswords, computer-based learning strategies.

• Behavioural corrections – positive reinforcement used to correct undesirable behaviour.

• Our literacy and numeracy tutoring programs are based on the latest research-based methods in both mainstream education and Special Education.

• We pride in using effective empirically based solutions and Applied Behaviour Analysis to tackle problems in Special Education.

• We offer computer-based teaching methods to enhance the learning experience.

Some of our fun activities!

Paper Money

Practical Maths lesson on buying items and amount of change received.


Grade 3 Practical Maths lesson, part of our holiday program, learning about and using 3D Shapes.